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Wild Flower Turf – Cottage Garden Mix

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Do you enjoy seeing nodding flower heads, buzzing bees and vibrant colours combined with swaying grasses? Then you’ll love Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat!

Meadowmat’s Cottage Garden Mix Turf is a beautiful combination of native wildflowers and grasses to create a vibrant and bee-friendly cottage garden, literally, on a roll! A handy garden design tip is to lay the Cottage Garden Meadowmat on top of spring and summer flowering bulbs for an even longer flowering period. This ensures stunning turf for a dazzling looking garden in time for summer!

What’s Included

Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat is mainly created using perennial plant species. These are plants that will grow back year after year, as long as they enjoy the conditions in your garden. Therefore, this determines the importance of maintaining your garden and choosing the most suitable turf.

The mix also includes some annual and bi-annual flowering species. Some to give a pop of colour while the perennials are blooming and some just because of their sheer beauty. However, not all of the flowers will appear every year but when they do, you’ll realise why Meadowmat’s Cottage Garden Mix Turf is worthwhile.


The flowering time for Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat is late spring until early autumn, so it’s perfect for when you want to flaunt your garden in its best light throughout spring, summer and even during the colder months!

We would never want your Cottage Garden Meadowmat to be damaged in transit so we ensure that the plants are mowed before harvest and dispatch. Your product is unlikely to be in flower when it is delivered to you, so this can be done naturally with the help of mother nature.


You can install Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat all year round. For a burst of colour in time for summer, we suggest that you lay Meadowmat before the end of March to allow plants to establish.

A roll of Cottage Garden Mix Turf covers 1 square metre of prepared soil. It can be heavy – especially when it’s wet, so it’s a good idea to get some help when manoeuvring and laying it!

The images shown are just to give you an idea of how Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat looks when in bloom, but it can be presented differently depending on the look of your garden and your level of maintenance. Therefore, the balance of plant species and the flowering time will be different in every single garden giving you endless possibilities! However, it can also depend on soil type, weather conditions, pollinator populations and management style. Then, simply, unroll Meadowmat onto prepared soil, ensuring the roots have contact with the ground, water it and keep the soil moist until the plants are well established!


Maintaining Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat is easy and rewarding. Unlike many herbaceous flower borders, Cottage Meadowmat doesn’t want to be fed, mulched, staked or sprayed. Simply leave it to grow unchecked between March and September. You may like to extend the flowering season by deadheading the plants, but this is not essential. At the end of summer, when all the flowers have faded, you can be ruthless and deadhead as much as you need. Cut your Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat back to a height of 10 – 15 cm and put all of that unwanted vegetation on to the compost heap. If your garden soil is quite fertile, you may need to trim your Meadowmat a couple of times during the autumn and winter, just to keep it neat.

Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat is fairly easy-going provided it has plenty of sunshine and a moist, but whilst ensuring well-drained soil. It’s great in deep planters, raised beds, flower borders or as an alternative to your original lawn! The plants in this Meadowmat like a fairly neutral pH but can adapt to anything but the most acidic or alkaline soils.

To maintain the balance of grasses to flowering plants, we highly recommend installing Cottage Garden Meadowmat onto Meadowmat Low Fertility Soil.

Richer soils tend to encourage lots of grasses and over time these can crowd out the flowering plants in Meadowmat, leaving you with a less colourful display.

What’s In Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat?

Please note, percentages refer to the weight of the seed in the growing mix and do not necessarily reflect the proportions of mature plants.

5% native grasses

Grasses fill in any gaps between plants and provide activity outside of the flowering season. They also reduce moisture from the soil, so you’ll also be helping wildlife out with a place to stay in the colder months!

The 2 native grasses in Cottage Garden Meadowmat are Tufted hair grass and Brown top bent grass.

95% Flowering Plants

The other 95% of Cottage Garden Mix features 30 flowering plants, providing a joyous display of summer colour! These wildflowers are:

  • Achillea millefolium

  • Birdsfoot trefoil

  • Bladder Campion

  • Columbine

  • Common Knapweed

  • Common mallow

  • Corn chamomile

  • Cornflower

  • Cosmos albatross

  • Cosmos Gloria

  • Erigeron ‘Profusion’

  • Field scabious

  • Linaria – Northern lights

  • Meadow saxifrage

  • Melton Pastels

  • Nettle leaved bellflower

  • Ragged robin

  • Red campion

  • Ribwort plantain

  • Rose Campion

  • Sweet violet

  • Thrift

  • Turfted vetch

  • Viper’s bugloss

  • White breeze

  • White campion

  • Wild thyme

  • Vervain

  • Yarrow

  • Yellow horned poppy

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Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat creates flower beds and borders with the grace and charm of an old fashioned English garden but a lot less work.

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