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Birds and Bees Floral Focus Meadowmat

A truly colourful blend of wildflower species that will be irresistible to butterflies, bees, moths and hoverflies. Floral Focus is pollinator paradise and when in full bloom, it is a truly joyous mix of vibrant colours. As an added bonus, most of the plant species are perennial. If they love your garden they’ll repeat the performance year after year after year.

We’ve developed a more advanced growing system for this Meadowmat variety to allow us to leave all of the grasses out of the seedmix. Standard Meadowmat varieties rely on the roots of grass plants to form the matting system. For Floral Focus we’ve introduced a biodegradeable coir backing fabric so that your wildflower area is super easy for us to transport and for you to install. In truth, it was developed for green roofing applications. However, we think you’ll love it as a garden feature too.

  • Stunning flower varieties in shades of yellow, white, blue, pink and purple
  • Long flowering period to support pollinators from spring through to autumn
  • Suppresses annual weed seeds already in your soil and stops weeds from germinating
  • Very easy to install and care for. Simply unroll onto prepared soil (or green roof substrate!) and keep well-watered until the roots are established.
  • Cut back once a year – no other maintenance required
  • 100% Wildflower seedmix*
  • Suitable for green roofing AND ground applications

Great for insects and even better for gardeners!

Key Points

  • A vibrant mix of perennial, annual and bi-annual plants for sustainability and lower maintenance
  • Depending on soil type and local weather, expect to see flowers between March and September
  • Floral Focus Meadowmat is mown before despatch to minimise damage to plants in transit. It will not be in flower when it is delivered
  • For summer flowers, install Floral Focus Meadowmat before the end of march so that plants have plenty of time to establish.
  • Standard unit size is 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Average weight is 24Kg per square metre – this may vary slightly according to moisture levels,
  • For roofing applications, install onto AT LEAST 150mm of green roof substrate.
  • Your Floral Focus Meadowmat will adapt to the conditions in your garden and to the weather which means it will bring a different display every single year.
  • For ground applications we recommend laying onto a 150mm depth of nutrient poor soil.


Floral Focus Meadowmat is grown outdoors on a wildlife friendly plant nursery. We actively encourage birds, insects and other creatures to share the benefits of the plants as they grow. Pesticides and Weedkillers are not usually used in production.

That means that whilst there is no grass sown in our Floral Focus Meadowmat, from time to time, seeds will be dropped by birds. We weed out any that we see but occasionally one or two will be missed. Floral Focus Meadowmat may not be entirely grass free. The good news is that the growing medium we use makes it very easy to pluck out any unwanted plants that you see.

What’s in Floral Focus Meadowmat ?

100% native wildflowers

  • Agrimony
  • Autumn hawkbit
  • Birdsfoot trefoil
  • Bladder Campion
  • Chicory
  • Clustered bellflower
  • Columbine
  • Common daisy
  • Common mallow
  • Common sorrel
  • Common toadflax
  • Cornflower
  • Fennel
  • Field poppy
  • Fox and Cubs
  • Foxglove
  • Grandmothers garden
  • Greater Knapweed
  • Harebell
  • Maiden pink
  • Meadow buttercup
  • Meadow cranes-bill
  • Musk mallow
  • Purple loosestrife
  • Ragged robin
  • Red campion
  • Red clover
  • Sheeps bit scabious
  • Small scabious
  • Tansy
  • Teasel
  • Viper’s bugloss
  • White campion
  • White clover
  • Wild Basil
  • Wild carrot
  • Wild clary
  • Wild marjoram
  • Wild pansy
  • Wild thyme
  • Yarrow

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* Prices are an indication and subject to change

*Subject to season and availability

Dreaming of a display of colourful wildflowers? Floral Focus Meadowmat has 41 different flowering species in the seedmix and no grass, it’s a cacophony of colour.

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