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LTP Satin Finish Surface Wax


LTP satin finish surface wax is a water based finishing wax for interior use. The appearance is enhanced and surfaces that are impregnated with ecoprotec natural finish stone sealer or ecoprotec colour enhancing stone sealer are further protected.

This surface wax is self polishing or can be polished to restore or increase shine. It’s ideal for both treatment and aftercare. Can be used for all types of unpolished natural and artificial stone, encaustics, decorative concrete toppings, vitrified quarry tiles and machine made terracotta.

  • Water based satin effect finishing wax
  • Low odour VOC free
  • For interior use
  • Easy to apply
Directions for use

Preparation: Firstly, ensure surface to be treated is completely clean and dry. Any retained moisture may cause the Satin Finish Surface Wax to dry opaque or prevent the seal from reaching full hardness.

Satin finish surface wax application:

Rough cut, textured or riven surfaces – Use a paint brush. Apply a thin coat evenly in one direction. Do not rub or buff. Allow to dry (1hr min) Apply further coats at right-angles to previous until an even film is created (max 6 coats).

Honed and smooth surfaces – Apply using a micro-fibre cloth or pad. Pour contents into a flat tray container. Soak up the solution with cloth or pad and apply thinly and evenly to the surface. Apply further coats at right angles to previous until an even film is created (max 6 coats) Do not over apply as too many coats may cause unsightly build up and/or reduce the efficiency of the product. Begins to harden after an hour, but will take a further 3 days to become fully water resistant. If in doubt, experiment on spare tiles to establish the correct method of application and optimum number of coats before general use.

Coverage 1 Litre 5 Litres
Smooth & Honed

30 M² per bottle

150 M² per bottle
Textured & Riven 20 M² per bottle 100 M² per bottle

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