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LTP Rust Stain Remover

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LTP rust stain remover removes surface rust stains. Non-acidic formulation, it is particularly suited for delicate applications such as polished marble. Acts directly onto the surface to be treated, removing stains in just 15 minutes. Interior & Exterior use. Ideal for removing rust stains from all types of polished and unpolished natural and artificial stone including marble, granite, travertine, split face stone cladding, sandstone, concrete, terracotta and porcelain tiles.

  • High performance rust stain remover
  • Non-acidic
  • Removes stains in just 15 minutes.
  • Interior & Exterior Use
Directions for use


Ensure surface to be treated is completely free from dust and dirt before application. If necessary, first wash area with ecoprotec stone and tile intensive cleaner diluted 1 : 10 with water.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Do not dilute. Completely cover the rust stain with the product. Leave to act for 15 minutes. The product colour will change to a deep purple as it reacts with the rust. Once the indicated time has elapsed remove the residue and rinse the surface thoroughly with plenty of water and leave to dry. Repeat application until the stain is completely removed.

Coverage M² per application



Surface Cleaning 5m2


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