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LTP Power Stripper

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LTP power stripper is an intensive cleaner for interior & exterior use.

Suitable for travertine, stone, sandstone, slate, marble, porcelain, granite, terracotta, quarry, brick, concrete and external paving. A high performance intensive cleaner for stripping and cleaning of vitrified glazed ceramics, travertine, natural stone, sandstone, slate, marble, granite, terracotta, quarry, brick, concrete, external paving, terrazzo and other mineral floors & walls.

Helps remove oxidised linseed oil and other mineral oils.

  • Intensive stripper helps remove oxidised linseed oil and other mineral oils.

Coverage – Per Litre

  • Surface cleaning:60sqm per litre
  • Deep stripping:30sqm per litre
  • In extreme cases:15sqm per litre

Ideal for cleaning even the heaviest, most ingrained stains from the surface of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

Featuring powerful amines, ammonia and high alkalinity that penetrate and help lift stains and films from the surfaces of tiles and paving.

Suitable for the for intensive cleaning of heavily contaminated vitrified quarry tiles, glazed ceramics and porcelain, LTP Power Stripper doesn’t require multiple applications and will tackle most stains first time, saving both time and labour.

Specially formulated and extensively tested, LTP Power Stripper effortlessly removes stains from heavily soiled surfaces, old layers of sealer, oxidised boiled linseed oil, and residual grout without damaging the tiles themselves.

Directions for use:

Always test/practice LTP Cement Grout & Salt Residue Remover on an inconspicuous area before proceeding to ensure that the finished result is satisfactory. Shake container well before use.

In mild cases and on non-absorbent surfaces: Dilute 1 part LTP Cement Grout & Salt Residue Remover in 4 parts cool water. Apply with a cloth or sponge wrung out in the solution. Leave for up to 30 minutes. Extract released residues using a sponge and water.

In more severe cases: Dilute 1 part LTP Cement Grout & Salt Residue Remover in 1 part cool water. Apply liberally and spread over surface. If necessary, agitate with a scrubbing brush or rotary scrubbing machine and leave to react for 5-10 minutes, keeping wet surfaces wet with additional product solution. Extract and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

In extremely severe cases: Wet the surface to be cleaned and apply undiluted. Agitate with a nylon pad, scrubbing brush or mechanical scrubber. Immediately extract and rinse thoroughly with clean water. N.B. Always dilute by adding product to water. Not the other way round. Always rinse surfaces thoroughly with cool clean water.

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  • A high performance intensive cleaner.
  • Helps remove oxidised linseed oil.
  • Helps remove other mineral oils.
  • For interior & exterior use
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