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LTP Mattstone Sealer

£25.88£102.49 + VAT

LTP Mattstone sealer is a natural, matt finish impregnating sealer that will delicately enhance the colour and texture of all tiles.

Suitable for all types of natural and artificial stone, unglazed porcelain, sandstone, slate, marble, terracotta, quarry, brick & concrete. A natural matt finish impregnating sealer that, on some stones, may also delicately enhance colour and texture. Helps protect against staining.  Strongly repels water, oil and grease. Allows surfaces to breathe.

Maintain with LTP Waxwash for floors and LTP Stonewash for walls.

Coverage – Per 10m2

Lower porosity floors – approximately 1-2 litres

Higher porosity floors – approximately 3-4 litres

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  • Natural matt finish impregnating sealer
  • Water, oil & grease repellant
  • Allows surfaces to breathe.
  • Minimal change to the natural appearance.
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