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LTP Grout & Tile Protector

£20.80 + VAT

LTP grout & tile protector is a colourless barrier that helps to protect porous wall and floor grout joints from penetration by water, dirt, oil, grease and limescale, making treated surfaces easier to keep clean. Ideal for use in wet rooms and shower enclosures. Used as a top coat this product is an easy way to further protect natural stone and all other types of masonry surface.Overspray on most surfaces will completely dissipate and not leave any hard to remove residue. When sealing a porous stone it is advisable to use a suitable liquid impregnator such as LTP Mattstone or LTP Colour Intensifier before finishing with LTP Grout & Tile Protector to achieve the best result.


  • Helps protect wall and floor porous grout joints.


Per 600ml : 600 linear metres depending upon the size of grout joint and number of coats required.

5 – 25 sq.m of tile and grout depending upon the porosity and the number of coats required.

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  • Forms a colourless barrier
  • Helps protect wall & floor porous grout joints.
  • Protects from penetration of water,dirt,oil,grease and limescale
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