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Contemporary Slate ZClad Panel

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Easy building with contemporary slate ZClad panel. A warm natural stone full of creams, beiges, yellows and pinks. Perfect for traditional or contemporary applications.

Pack Size

ZClad is supplied in packs of 4 panels (2 x 600mm + 1 x 400mm + 1 x 200mm) with three packs covering 1m2. It is designed for covering walls and corners for use both internally and externally.

Easy building with ZClad

As well as reduced labour costs, ZClad has the advantage of producing less waste during construction and requires no maintenance after installation is complete. Whilst traditional stone walling can have up to 25% wastage, ZClad has virtually none.

ZClad is a real stone panelling system specifically designed to create a distinctive, natural stone finish wherever it’s used. The panels rise in interlocking tiers, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialist labour. The panel ends are dressed, rather than straight sawn so that when forming a corner, they create a dressed effect effortlessly, thus making ZClad a quick and easy system to use.

The cement base is fixed to a covering of natural stone with metallic mesh to hold it together.

Advantages of using Contemporary Slate ZClad Panel

Flexible – The applications for ZClad are endless, it’s simple installation means it can be incorporated in to both commercial and residential environments; its resistance to intense temperatures makes it suitable for both internal and external use.

Faultless –  As ZClad is made from natural stone it bears all the form and character of a dry-stone wall. Each piece is made in a Z shape to avoid visible joins, fitting seamlessly together without the need for specialist labour or equipment.

Swift build –  Our design means it can be constructed in a fraction of the time normally taken to build traditional stonework; up to 30m2 can be built each day compared with 3m2 for random rubble walling.

Cost Effective – ZClad has the advantage of producing less waste during construction and requires no maintenance after installation; compared to conventional stone walling.

Unique – slate ZClad panel ends are dressed, rather than straight sawn, so that when forming a corner or reveal, they create a dressed effect effortlessly.

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